The AMP Research AMP Steps, AMP intuitively extends to an easily reachable stepping height using some seconds when your vehicle door has opened. Afterwards, the ability Step withdraws obediently just as if it never appeared. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment that’s practical, properly designed, and does its job well. Moreover, the ability Step expands down and outward inside a higher way than other running boards, nerf bar, or side-step. This may cause the AMP Research Power Step more desirable for top-clearance vehicles like Jeeps, SUVs, and lifted trucks. Created from OEM quality resources, the ability Step system carries a low-profile already installed LED light display, deterioration resistant, easy maintenance, and automatic lubricating-bushings for all weather situations and optimal performance.

The AMP Research Power Step is the automotive accessory that has been waiting on. It meets the factors and requires of countless drivers who find themselves stuck in terms of getting into their heavy-duty vehicle. Though other businesses manufacture Power Steps, AMP Reports have managed to make a design that is superior in mechanics, design, and take care of. The corporation produced the best in running-board design. If you’re one of people who have invested a great deal to their vehicle, you then want for the greatest you could from it. The answer is to provide the AMP Research Power Step. It eases the project to getting into and out of your car or truck and puts less negative feelings and force on the body at the same time.


Should you be online resources a truck, SUV, or other type of heavy-duty vehicle and baffled of what to do to you could make your vehicle easier to your requirements, the AMP Research Power Step is what you are looking for. The Power Step is the authentic automated running-board, having a flexible effective textured power-coated finish, for matchless power, robustness, and longevity. And that’s only an integral part of it. Power Steps are made having a die-cast, aluminum-alloy, high-powered, Teflon and metal-covered oxide firm meticulous finish to prevent corrosion. This may cause the ability Step from AMP Investigate most well-designed, mechanized, electronic accessory for vehicles in the marketplace. With an offer of an five-year/sixty-thousand mile warranty, it can’t be beat!


-Automatic Power Extending Running Boards
-Anodized, Teflon-Coated, Meticulously Detailed Veneer for Corrosion Resistance
-60,000 Mile/5-Year Warranty
-Low-Visibility Integrated Led-Light System
-High-Powered, Die-Cast, Aluminum-Alloy Mechanisms
-Flawless Stainless Pivot-Pins for Unwavering Stability
-Easy To Maintain, Self-Lubricating Bushings
-All Over Weather Performance Good Quality Materials
-Extending Aluminum Steps, Total Length Internal-Ribs for Dependable Firmness
-Based on a top-Textured Powder Veneer Enhanced Durability and Grip
-600 LB Capacity
-OEM-Superior Electric-Motors, Drive-System and Wiring Harness
-Weather Proof
-Pressure Responsive, Pinch-Resistant, Secure Oriented Technology
-Fashioned and Manufactured in the United States


-Fuel Efficient

Today, the customer is watching their cash inside your. However, in most cases, transportation is crucial for many individuals because of large families, work commitments, or all kinds of other reasons therefore, a larger vehicle is important. However, SUVs and trucks are the initial to become condemned in terms of fuel cost. However, towing and weight are a couple of vital factors that undoubtedly influence fuel efficiency and heavy-duty vehicle owners are looking for ways to decrease fuel usage.

The Power Step is dynamic like this. The possibility of receiving complete using your Power Step without interference from heaviness or drag is accredited to the meticulous kind of the ability Step itself. Because of this, a vehicle’s fuel usage is just not affected.

-Energy Effective Design

Power Step running-boards function with dependability and highlights safety and convenience when SUV and truck owners are entering and exiting their vehicle. The Power Step is triggered by the door-sensory mechanism and immediately extends in the event the door is opened. When closed, another signal is transmitted resulting in the Power Key to loyally withdraw into abiding rocker-panels, and doing away with the drag created by traditional fixed-positioned running-boards. The AMP Research Power Step has a distinct design, but it’s still adjustable for a wide choice of trucks and SUVs.


Lessening in the general weight of an heavy-duty vehicle assists with improving fuel expenses. The AMP Research Power Step makeup is lighter compared to a OEM running-boards. Tests through with pickups installed having a Power Step says a better airflow beneath the vehicle ends in decreased turbulence and drag.

-Simple Installation

The resourcefulness in the AMP Research Power Step is a second aspect which make it so worthwhile. The necessary setup time is generally a couple of hours. However, that time has recently been cut down considerably. The newest Plug-and-Play makes installation much easier. In fact, it really is claimed that installation time is cut down by at the very least 90-minutes.

The AMP Research Plug-and-Play gadget is outstanding. This over straightforward system is the most recent option from AMP Research Power Steps currently under Lund International Holding Company ownership. The specific installing the Plug-and-Play is apparent-cut for most vehicles.

The c’s at AMP Reports have adopted the duty and fantastically making modifications to the Power Step with all the modernized Plug-and-Play wiring harness. Mobile phone requirements do understand since the device easily connects to a SUV, truck, or other SUV heavy-duty vehicle’s OBDII-port.

The harness continues to allow using the port for diagnostic instruments, programmers, or other sorts of accessories that require contact with a port. Overall, the diagnostic-port connects in the Power Key to the computerized structure in the vehicle. The AMP Research Plug-and-Play harness is vehicle exact and eradicates the necessity to properly find to make vital with all the factory-wiring loom. This leaves room for completion for installing the running-board at a easier and faster time and doesn’t demand how the dash or door panels be removed.

The Plug-and-Play system couldn’t be simpler. The newest electrical-integration is produced to work by easily plugging inside the running-board. It has a factory-wired resolution without the demands of going through the tediousness with factory wires. It is not surprising that AMP Research would come up with this kind of innovative and needed gadget. This shows the way the AMP Research team is always for the look-out for much better ways to create and offer consumers better automotive accessory technology.

Straightforwardness of the Plug-and-Play makes it more attractive. From the genius in the AMP Research Power Step, the mixture can be a sure winner for consumers and the automotive accessory industry overall. Quality with easy instructions, anti-deterioration hardware, OEM quality wiring-harness, electronic control-module, and an illustrated installation guide provides you with everything you need whether there is an newer Plug-and-Play system or even the traditional system.


The excellent functionality in the Power Step makes it simple to maintain sanitized. The top employed for stepping remains grime clear of dirt, mud, snow, along with other particles. Basically, even just in instances of heavy-snow, the desire to pay off the AMP Research Power Step through the outcomes of a rigorous snowfall will not be mandatory as the Power Step continues to function beautifully.


Should you be online resources a SUV or truck, a Lund Power Step should be the next thing in accessorizing your car or truck. An Electric Step is as basic to get a heavy-duty vehicle since the brakes! The corporation has kept the initial automated running-boards with similar features such as the non-slip coated finish and matchless power.

Just as always with AMP Research, Lund International has maintained the grade of the ability Step and the mechanism remains to be build to have, and manufactured with die-cast aluminum alloy sources, as well as a Teflon and metal-finish oxide fortified to get a clear-cut finish to thwart deterioration. It’s wise a top-level, automatic, electronic accessory for vehicles that works well basically on its own. The Lund Power Step by AMP Research works impeccably. When your door is opened or shut, the ability Step adheres to commands by extending and withdrawing promptly if required.


-Resourceful Design

The Power Step by Lund International operates with amazing preciseness and emphasizes security and comfort as you step into and out of your truck or SUV. The AMP Research Power Step by Lund International is activated by factory door-sensors and quickly extends upon opening and retreats upon closing. The Power Step retracts into rocker-panels, doing away with the drag created by traditional preset-situated running-boards.

-Vehicle Mass

The lessening in the general weight of your respective SUV or truck helps with better fuel efficiency. The Lund Power Step aluminum lengthened footstep is ten % to 20 percent less in mass compared to a OEM running-boards or other steel-tube steps. Wind-tunnel evaluations with heavy-duty vehicles outfitted with Lund Power Steps have says enhanced air-flow beneath the vehicle with decreased drag and turbulence is a bit more than effective.


-Extension Arm Kit

AMP Research gives an Extension-Arm Kit that includes four-extension parts that attach involving the running-boards and the Power Step mounting-brackets to make a step-height that is two inches closer to the floor. The extension parts extends beyond sight whenever the boards retracts, keeping the surface contour that is evenwith all the vehicle and extra expediency for lifted-trucks and passengers with difficulty stepping onto bigger steps. Every AMP Research Power Step part has vehicle defined-brackets, a wiring harness, and hardware. The Extension Arm Kit is an ideal supplement for those who have added a powerful lift onto your vehicle.

-Mounting Brackets

Wall mounts which include a rotating-design reacts reliably onto vehicles existing frame-holes along with the mount-bolts. A centralized control-module is bound underneath the hood to get a clear-cut power link with your vehicle’s battery. Additionally, the AMP Research Power Step parts are delivered having a finish of heavy-grade wiring that operates the threshold sensors, and afterwards via sill-plats following drilling. Once beneath the truck or SUV, the wiring connects speedily to power-motors that attach onto bracket-ends also to Led lighting that fasten upon your vehicle chassis via using double-sided tape. The AMP Research Power Step components aren’t hindered in terms of mud buildup and dirt. Rotating-points and motors are conserved with interior lubrication, producing a virtually maintenance-free setup.

-Control Module

The Power Step is well-recognized for its endurance and quality. In fact, the requirement for maintenance is infrequent. Nonetheless, if you happen to discover youself to be inside a predicament where your Power Step begins to act awkward, such as the steps refusing to extend when opening the threshold or it shouldn’t retract in the event the door closes, the modernized Control-Module is deserving of things functioning properly. With a short time essential for installation, your Power Step is going to be being a new device. This works for all Chevy-GM 2500hd trucks. The module will fix the difficulty nearly 100 percent of times.

-LED Lights

Even though you shattered one of several Led lighting on your AMP Research Power Step, or else you prefer extra LED illumination to enhance the grade of light that lights-your Power Step once they are subjected, the LED-lamp is the ideal method to create the perfect lighting to your Power Steps. The AMP Research Power Step LED-lamps includes four-LED lamps as well as a wiring harness.

A Great Investment

AMP Research Power Step raises the driving connection with the driver by having style and sensible functioning inclusions in make getting into and out of an automobile easier plus much more comfortable. Featuring its sizeable-potency, simplicity, and multi-faceted structure, and superb engineering, the ability Step is a great investment to your vehicle. In fact, it could even add value to your car or truck based on the label of your vehicle and the year it was introduced in the marketplace.

An Electric Step can be a well-designed automotive accessory for any SUV, truck, or heavy-duty vehicle where people are generally stepping into and out of your vehicle. Moreover, the ability Step is a pretty priced making it a good investment that every heavy-duty truck really should have. Remember, the AMP Research Power Step is produced by the team that doesn’t only understands vehicles but comprehend what consumer’s want, and the correct time to make available it to the public! The Power Step is known for its dependability, quality, and workmanship. Moreover, it is designed to endure various climatic conditions without complications.

There’s much to become said about quality products that really functions as it’s meant to and engineered to be supported by lodge logic like AMP Research. The spectacularly, modernized, well-structured Power Step is just about the best in the marketplace, and based on the satisfied customers, it’s worth the investment too!